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Respondents were also given the option to comment with many showing support for a user activated soft fork (UASF).Estimates place the total block size using SegWit at about. and one is (Segregated Witness), as of 2017 open for voting. 16 Pay.This is an unlikely outcome since Bitcoin has supporters on both sides, Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited, who will likely support the protocol they like best.

Litecoin: SegWit ‘Testbed’ at Risk as Bitcoin Politics Spread

SegWit might give Litecoin the huge boost it needs to compete with Bitcoin.

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A scaling agreement has been reached for Bitcoin by a large group of industry.

Litecoin is paving the way for bitcoin when it comes to SegWit.Both the original chain and the new chain with the larger block size limit would exist on the same network, and users would be able to send bitcoins between the two chains.If the quote is met and held for a certain period of time, the hard fork will be implemented — but again, miners cannot force users to follow their lead.SegWit introduces a new transaction format and updates the 1MB block size limit to a 4 million-unit block weight limit, counting serialized witness data as one unit and core block data as four units.On May 23, at the Consensus 2017 conference, Bitcoin startups executives and miners held a meeting during which an agreement was signed by over 50 companies including the Digital Currency Group,, Blockchain, Coinbase, ShapeShift, as well as major mining players like Bitmain and BitFury.Verif-y, Blockchain-based Identity Platform Announces Token Sale.Bitcoin Classic is also an attempt to move the technical governance of the Bitcoin project from the developers of Bitcoin Core to a voting process involving the largest community of miners, businesses, developers and users.Slush Pool Simplifies Voting Process For SegWit And Bitcoin Unlimited. The post Slush Pool Simplifies Voting Process For SegWit And Bitcoin.Miners and developers of the silver digital currency Litecoin reaches consensus to activate segwit and to. voting process, and.

In comparison, PayPal processes about 100 transactions per second, and Visa, about 4,000 per second.Earlier in the week we announced that SegWit signalling would begin for Nav Coin on. 2 SegWit Voting and. this for bitcoin paper wallets and the.A soft fork is a regulatory measure that will involve changes in code to bitcoin core that will not affect bitcoin core stability.Going to be lolz epic when all the SegWit transactions are double-spent, i.e. stolen by miners on The Real Bitcoin (the legacy Satoshi blockchain).Backed by Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin XT received significant attention in mid-2015 but gradually declined as it lacked support from the wider community.

Results show that SegWit is the clear winner with 71% of the respondents selecting this option as their preferred solution.I first want to start by explaining why there is such a huge debate over the need for Segwit (Segregated Witness) or bigger block sizes.Segregated Witness Costs and Risks. In support of existing efforts to pay down technical debt by refactoring and improving the Bitcoin codebase, segwit was. to Dump Segwit2x? Roger Ver - Dash Force News

Wang Chun on Twitter: "Segwit will be a disaster. I am not

Segwit Reaches 80% of the Bitcoin Hashrate as Activation

The percentage of blocks that are signaling support for Bitcoin Unlimited has surpassed SegWit, though 95% support is still far off.

In the early days of bitcoin the protocol was. as it allows voting and the. over 50% of bitcoin nodes are running the SegWit-compatible 0.13.0 or 0.Litecoin seems to be on the path towards adopting Segwit, the proposed soft fork (and malleability solution) by the Bitcoin core development team.Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Core team has laid out details for participants of each of the risks to the Bitcoin ecosystem from SegWit,. another voting period starts.For Bitcoin Unlimited to be successfully implemented, everyone would have to move to the new blockchain and abandon the old one completely.

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One thing that is interesting to take into account is how Bitcoin Unlimited.Many believe a solution is desperately needed in order for Bitcoin to continue to grow as a payments system rather than just a store of value.This is where nodes update to BIP 148 and do not need a mining majority to split Bitcoin and implement Segwit.

If a majority of miners do not adopt SegWit by then, two versions of bitcoin would.Bitcoin-NG showed that this is possible, and ByzCoin carried out additional science.The decision was based on an online voting mechanism of the.Bitcoin Cash, to be available Aug. 1, sprang from a feud over how to govern a decentralized, open-source technology with no one set of leaders or owners.Roger Ver Might Help nChain Block Segwit. Ver of indicated that he has continued to see Segwit as a danger to Bitcoin,.

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Segwit Ready: 84, work-in-progress: 29, planned: 26. 1 BitGo provides wallet services to exchanges such as Bitstamp and Kraken. 2 GreenAddress provides wallet.

Litecoin creator and Coinbase Director of Engineering Charlie Lee Speaks About the activation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) on Litecoin.Andriy Dubetsky, a Founding Member at Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, told Blockchain News Outlet in an email conversation that.A full year after the code was released, Segregated Witness (SegWit) still has little chance of being adopted by Bitcoin miners.Like in Bitcoin, Litecoin miners bristle to signal support for SegWit.

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Bitcoin Classic is another proposal that aims to increase the transaction processing capacity of Bitcoin, originally through the increase of the block size limit to 2MB.If block size is unlimited then it defeats the purpose of the underlying value of Bitcoin which was designed as a way to fight against devaluation of currencies with a limited supply.

Bitcoin miners have seemingly made a decision to activate segwit with some 80% of the hashrate currently voting for the protocol upgrade with.Just because an angry internet mob screams that the blocksize should increase from 1 to 2 MB does not mean progress has stalled on scaling.

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Bitcoin Miner Support for SegWit2x Hits 90% — Scaling. miners will begin activating SegWit on the bitcoin network on.SegWit, or Segregated Witness, is a potential solution to a problem that has caused much debate in the Bitcoin community for a while.Pieter Wuille on the 20th of February 2016 at a recent scaling bitcoin workshop in Hong Kong.Although some people were not happy with the decisions but it remained the only applicable option in the sight of the majority.Right now, Litecoin miners are in the process of voting on the update.The signaling for SegWit by Bitcoin miners has stagnated since early December. the voting just started which is why a quote of 20 to 30 percent might be more.I thought this was already broadly agreed and should have been vote activated early in December.So far Voting % result shows that there is no bitcoin split. Segwit2x nodes will have to discard regular Segwit transactions as part of their replay protection.Bitcoin Unlimited wants to have an approval rate of 75% before implementing the fork.

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I want to create a segwit transaction using bitcoind on testnet2.It is the culmination of years of research, testing, and development that has already largely reached consensus among both bitcoin businesses and nodes.In a decision that would send shockwaves across the financial markets, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union by 52% to 48% on the 23rd of June 2016.Segregated witness is a proposed improvement to bitcoin core which was made at a conference in Hong Kong.

China Bitcoin Roundtable Votes for SegWit2x and New York